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Coffee Conversations: Brewing bonds between communities

To kick off the new year and decade, the Philippine Coffee Alliance partnered with The Spark Project and Frank and Dean's for an open discussion on the Philippine Coffee industry.

2020 began with a bang as Taal volcano erupted, severely affecting many in it's vicinity and delaying the event, yet attendees were undeterred as they made their way to Clock-In at Ayala North Exchange. Guests ranged from coffee professionals, passionate enthusiasts, and some curious walk-ins drawn in by the smell of freshly ground beans.

With an intimate crowd in a gorgeous space, various audience members shared their narratives in today's coffee industry: interesting anecdotes on comparisons between Kenyan coffee (whose industry is also largely driven by small-scale holders), cultivation experiences among gentlemen farmers, and dreams from aspiring cafe owners.

Many young baristas posed great questions about the current state of the industry and opportunities for training, digging deep into the connections between the cultivated origins of Philippine coffee beans to their roles as storytellers that bridge consumer to supplier.

To cap the night off, Frank and Dean's mobile cafe brewed the varied regional beans on a mean Rocket Espresso machine while explaining their origins and distinguishing features to the audience.

Coffee Conversations aim to bring together all lovers of coffee into an open space of storytelling, where each player in the supply chain is revealed and given a chance to express their abilities and needs while creating new connections with others in the community.

What many don't realize is the significance of each player in the industry. As we've seen in the current Coronavirus pandemic, cutting even a single unit can disrupt the entire process, leaving everyone in a frantic predicament.

In line with PCAi's overarching philosophies, we wish to build stronger, more empowered communities not just within the upper segments of the coffee industry, but also with the small-shareholder farmers. Only when we come together across the entire process can we truly move Philippine beans towards global recognition.

If you'd like to know more about Coffee Conversations or book an event, drop us an inquiry and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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