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Philippine Liberica: A new frontier

Dark chocolatey with tones of ripe berry, sweetness, and spice only achieved through the proper processing and roasting. Considered masculine by Filipinos, we take a look at the many advantages of this unusual bean.

In the global market

During the coffee rust crisis that nearly extinguished the Arabica beans in the late 1800s, Liberica flourished in the Philippines. In this image, we see Arabica beans on the left, and Liberica beans on the right.

Now, rapid climate change is expected to permanently alter production and yield of Arabicas & Robustas. Thus, it would prudent to cultivate this variety further and explore a niche market approach. With it's rarity on the global scale, Liberica beans command higher prices.

A mark of roasting expertise

Liberica is a good barometer to test a roaster's skill as its premium taste can only be achieved through the best techniques, such as air-roasting. Many PCAi partners and communities are equipped with the Rearden roaster, which roasts these beans to perfection. Once attained, the roaster may share their stories and output with other enthusiasts.

Firmly rooted

Liberica has good and strong root system. It is a large tree that could grow 9 meters high, bearing many flowering fruit. Grafting techniques have been practiced for many years in Vietnam for this and Robusta, as this bean is suitable to grow with other forest trees and cash crops.

The masculine coffee

Delicious as a pure black or with sugar and milk in hot or cold cups. A fully washed medium roast Liberica would have a dry aroma – sweet santol and mild tableya chocolate taste.

Hot cups would have visible oils on top, tasting like boiled sweet saba banana in the first sip, then develops into a winey with medium to heavy body, low acidity, black tea finish & aftertaste.

Explosive with cold coffee liquor mixes, and delivers a lot of energy.

Better bean prices

Low elevation coffee farmers have alternative option for growing Robusta. Liberica has same potential income with Arabica.


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