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The doctors have checked in

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Hobbling in a race for recognition, the Philippines still has a long way to go in putting ourselves on the map of coffee production.

Despite being a rich landscape capable to grow four types of beans, Philippine coffee isn’t commonly known in the global arena. Neighboring ASEAN countries like Vietnam and Indonesia are well-known producers and consumers who avidly export and enjoy their coffee beans, while we remain somewhat underdeveloped in coffee culture.

Enter the coffee doctors.

A new program of the Philippine Coffee Alliance in partnership with Forest Foundation Philippines, eight pioneers are now being mentored as experts in the science of coffee.

Mentored agricultural techniques to coffee bio-chemistry, Corazon Llauderes, Benjamin Maputi Sr., Cornelio Eraya Jr., Lilibeth Galendez, Vincent Randolph Ricacho, Reyno Almonia, Leonila Secadron, and Benjie Llaudere are here to remedy the gaps in coffee production. At the same time, they mentor individual cooperators of partner communities for 2 years.

Emphasizing the importance of education in delivering high quality coffee, PCA created this program in alignment with the National Coffee Development Program 2030 by the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry to ascertain only the best cultivation methods in their Community Based Coffee Enterprises.

PCA hopes to grow more agricultural engineers like this in the near future. We welcome collaborations from any interested partners: from volunteers, schools, entrepreneurs, corporate companies, or coffee enthusiasts!

Contact us for more information or consider supporting our organization!


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