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BASILIO, inventor of KAPE Iligan's coffee roaster

"I live with the man who once said to me, 'I hope you wouldn't mind if I hold hands with a multitude of people.'  I confess it's not easy.  Nor did I expect that I too would hold hands with the very same people.  This is Basil's story."

Thus, Vie Cesar Reyes describes her spouse, Carlos Basilio Victor Osorio Reyes, the Filipino inventor who made KAPE Iligan's coffee roaster.

"Basilio isn't named after me," Basil Reyes confessed.  

"Its "Basilio" the sacristan and son of Sisa in Jose Rizal's satire novel...'Noli Me Tangere' and 'El Filibusterismo' (The Reign of Greed)," the Filipino "sira niko" inventor explains the etymology of his name.

CNN Philippines featured Basilio: Coffee to Share of Bote Central Inc., highlighting Basil Reyes as the Filipino inventor and a patriot. 


Credits to KAPE ILIGAN. Click HERE to view the original article.


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