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Coffee treat and more at 18 Days Coffee

Nothing beats the calming effect of a cup of coffee amidst a busy day, especially when one is in the middle of shopping. With a welcoming vibe and a cozy atmosphere, 18 Days Coffee in Solenad 3 in Nuvali is probably one of the most memorable coffee shops in Santa Rosa City.

The café offers the usual coffee menu and blends, along with a breakfast menu and local desserts. But what sets them apart from its contemporaries is its way of roasting the coffee. 18 Days Coffee is proud of its air-roasting technique and ensures freshness by roasting the beans the same day the coffee is served.

Aside from the items on the menu, customers are also encouraged to concoct their own drink recipe without an additional charge. 18 Days Coffee may be small compared to other coffee shops in the area but visitors are surely in for a treat. And you might be wondering: What’s with “18 days”? According to the shop’s management, it should be the optimum shelf life of newly ground coffee.

18 Days Coffee is a place to visit when one is in Solenad. The coffee shop is located on the ground floor of Solenad 3.


Credits to LIFESTYLE LAGUNA. Click HERE to view the original article.


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