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Understanding and advocating women’s role in coffee farming

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

MANILA - Women play an active part in coffee production, from soil to cup, according to a company working with producers and consumers.

Bote Central Inc. CEO and Philippine Coffee Alliance head Vie Reyes said women are usually tapped to ensure quality because they are "more tedious, more patient, are more of the detailed kind of person." Women, she added, are also nurturing.

Philippine Coffee Alliance works with 5,000 growers, composing about 25 percent of the total coffee farmers in the country.

Reyes said women in the Philippines are "very strong" with a strong voice. She said issues should be looked at from both the female and the male perspective "because it is a shared responsibility between the male and the female."

She, however, said that the government needs to push for better policies for women, including ones on domestic care and gender-specific financing.


Credits to ABS-CBN and ANC NEWS. Click HERE to view the original article.


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